What Are The Benefits Of Steel Electrical Enclosures

Electrical enclosures are used throughout a number of different industries to protect electrical equipment. They come in a range of different materials such as plastic rubber, and most commonly, metal. 

The steel metal electrical cabinet enclosures are the go-to for a majority of companies due to their immense rigidity and their huge range of other benefits. In this article, we will detail what steel electrical enclosures are and just how beneficial they can be.

What Are Steel Electrical Enclosure Cabinets?

To put it very simply, an electrical enclosure is a cabinet for electrical equipment. Whether you have plug sockets, fuse boxes, switches, or any other electrical appliances, enclosures are a phenomenal way of both protecting the appliance and also protecting your employees and customers from potential hazardous electrical faults. 

The single main purpose of a high-quality electrical enclosure is to protect electronic applications and equipment from their surrounding environment. Its environment could include weather, moisture, heat or other things such as people. They are a phenomenal safety feature that is utilised by numerous industries such as telecommunications, transportation, power generation, mechanical and so many more. 

While they are designed to be practical, they are also designed to be aesthetic and look good. This is because they are often used in commercial buildings or very visible outdoor locations. They are therefore very much customer-facing and as a result need to look presentable and smart.


Benefits Of Steel Electrical Enclosures

Electrical closures are hugely popular among many industries for a reason, they have a huge amount of amazing health and safety benefits. These benefits are, but not limited to. 

Fire Resistant

One of the biggest dangers when it comes to electric applications is the risk of a fault causing an electrical fire. Electrical fires can be very common and can spread extremely quickly. It is therefore hugely important to use a fire-resistant and flame retardent material such as steel for electrical enclosures. 

Steel is considered a fire-resistant material due to the fact that it will hold its structure in temperatures as high as 370ºC. Therefore if a fire was to break out within the electrical enclosure then you do not have to worry about the fire spreading beyond. Steel enclosures are incredibly safe and therefore perfect for commercial applications. 

This phenomenal benefit is one of the many reasons that so many industries choose steel as their material of choice for electrical enclosures. There are also numerous fire safety laws that steel enclosures help businesses adhere to.


Another hugely important benefit of steel electrical enclosures is their waterproof capabilities. For all electrical applications, but especially outdoor applications, waterproofing is essential. This is because the impurities such as dust and minerals within water react with the high-voltage electricity and can cause things such as shocks, short circuits and even fires. 

Steel electrical enclosures are designed to be used in even the most extreme conditions and environments. Therefore weatherproofing and waterproofing the electrical enclosures by using strong seals, strong locks and materials that will stand up well against moisture and rain is essential. 

Electrical fires and failures can be hugely costly to businesses and could hugely impact both the safety of your commercial premises and the safety of your employees. This is why it is so beneficial for businesses to use electrical enclosures that are water-tight, water resistant and waterproof.

Extreme Durability

Stainless steel cabinets provide the ultimate protection for your control station, distribution board or power supply. This is largely down to their extremely impressive durability. Electrical enclosures are very commonly used in industries and applications that require a high amount of strength and durability.

The material’s impressive durability comes from the fact that it is a compound metal that is made up of both carbon and iron. Due to its structure, steel has an extremely impressive strength-to-weight ratio meaning that it is a lightweight material but is also incredibly strong and long-lasting.

Making sure that your electrical enclosures are durable and long-lasting is hugely important. This is because it will ensure that you get the absolute best value for your money and will keep your electrical applications safe for a long period of time.

Cost Effective

As an electrical enclosure material, steel is by far one of the most cost-effective. While its initial investment may be slightly higher than other electrical enclosure materials such as plastic or polyester, it’s all-around durability and rigidity will ensure that your enclosure lasts the test of time. 

When choosing a material for use in such important electrical applications things such as durability, water resistance, and fire resistance are key considerations. They will not only ensure that your applications are safe but they will also ensure that your electrical enclosure will last for years to come. 

All of the phenomenal benefits that we have listed above help this material to be incredible value for money and to make it an extremely attractive material for many industries.

Environmentally Friendly

As a material, steel is one of the most environmentally friendly on the market. This is not only because of its incredible longevity but also because it can be continuously recycled, unlike so many other materials. 

Steel is the single most recycled material in the world so is therefore incredibly environmentally friendly. In fact, more steel is recycled each year than aluminium, paper, glass and plastic combined.

Quality Steel Electrical Enclosures At Enclosure Pro

Here at Enclosure Pro, we supply some of the highest quality steel electrical enclosures on the market to businesses all across the UK. We have been in the business for over 25 years and are extremely proud to be one of the UKs leading electrical packaging solutions companies. If you are looking to purchase steel electrical enclosures for your commercial property then get in touch with us today.  Our phenomenal team will be more than happy to offer you some further information. 

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