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Here at Enclosure Pro, we’ve been supplying high-quality electrical enclosures and cabinets to professionals for over 25 years. We’re a leading company in the UK, providing flawless electrical packaging solutions at affordable prices, like our IP66 mild steel enclosures and IP66 stainless steel enclosures.

Our steel electrical cabinets act as the first line of defence for your electrical and test equipment, protecting them from the harsh environment of your industry. They are highly effective and easy to use, coming complete with push buttons and joysticks so you can carry out your cable management with ease and efficiency.


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We supply a great range of enclosures in a range of materials including PVC, GRP, metal sheet steel and stainless steel and moutning plates to suit.

IP66 Stainless Steel Enclosures

IP66 Mild Steel Enclosures


Stainless steel cabinets provide the ultimate protection for your control station, distribution board or power supply against corrosion and outside damage. These enclosures are designed for use in harsh environments with strict hygiene regulations and high exposure to corrosives, such as the chemical, oil and food and beverage industries.

They also have excellent thermal management properties, which is especially handy for industries where the power supply is in constant use at a high voltage, such as industrial automation.

Our IP66 stainless steel enclosures are versatile, coming in numerous different specifications to ensure you can find the perfect product. These are available in a wide range of sizes and come with mounting lugs, trunking, cable glands and other cable accessories at your request, providing you with the perfect defence for your control gear and switchgear.

If you need an electrical enclosure that is highly resistant to the elements then stainless steel is definitely the way forward for you. Our IP66 enclosures provide maximum resistance to mechanical impact, with a rating of IK 10 for the solid-door enclosures and IK 08 for the glazed-door enclosures.

We also supply IP66 mild steel enclosures for more general-purpose use. Our robust mild steel enclosures can still provide a highly effective electronic packaging solution in industries where the exposure to damage isn’t quite so high.

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Both metal and plastic enclosures can be effective, it just depends on your specific needs and requirements. Metal enclosures are slightly more resistant, whereas plastic enclosures are more lightweight, so each has certain benefits that are more suitable for different demands.

All our metal enclosures come in both single and double door options and a range of sizes. These range from 300x200x150mm all the way up to 1400x1000x300mm, so you can find the best enclosure for the space you have available.

Bear in mind that your enclosures need to be installed properly with consideration of the other equipment you are using. Not having the right set up for your junction boxes, fuse holders, terminal blocks or din rail terminals could be detrimental to the effectiveness of your electrical enclosure.

For further info and specifications, see our collection of mild steel enclosures and stainless steel enclosures.


We stock both stainless steel and mild steel cabinets and encolusres in a variety of sizes and colours. Get a free online quote today or give us a call 020 3663 7866 to speak with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a specific question in mind? We’ve shared some frequently asked questions that might help. If we haven’t answered a question you have, please feel free to give our team a call, who will be happy to help!

A Stainless steel cabinets’ main job is to provide effective protection for control stations, distribution boards and power supplies against corrosion and other environmental damage. These enclosures are often used in industries with harsher environments where there are stricter hygiene and safety regulations. Examples of these are the chemical, oil, construction and food industries.

Simple, it all depends on your specific needs and requirements. In most cases, metal enclosures are considered to be slightly stronger against harsher environments but don’t match up to plastics properties of being extremely lightweight and being non-conductive. Each enclosure meets certain demands due to both its benefits.

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