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How Do Polyester Electrical Enclosures Stand Up to Extreme Weather?

How Do Polyester Electrical EnclosuresStand Up to Extreme Weather? When it comes to safeguarding your outdoor electrical systems, it’s important to install enclosures made from durable materials. These protective enclosures need to be capable of withstanding extreme weather and temperatures. So, how well does a polyester enclosure perform under harsh conditions? In this article, we’ll

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Wall Mounted Electrical Cabinets: Benefits And Drawbacks

Wall Mounted Electrical Cabinets: Benefits And Drawbacks If you’re a facilities manager, electrician or simply operating in that field – you’ll understand the crucial role electrical enclosures play in ensuring safety, organisation, and accessibility. Especially in areas like data centres and server rooms, where maximising space and safety is paramount. This is why wall-mounted metal

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How to Ensure That You Have a Fully Weatherproof Electrical Box

How to Ensure That You Have a Fully Weatherproof Electrical Box This blog aims to provide a comprehensive guide to achieving fully weatherproof electrical enclosures. These enclosures are crucial for safeguarding your electrical equipment from the elements. We understand the importance of your electrical enclosures staying entirely weatherproof, so we aim to provide all of

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What Are The Benefits Of Polyester Electrical Cabinet Enclosures

What are the benefits of polyester electrical cabinet enclosures Polyester electrical cabinet enclosures are a brilliant choice for protecting sensitive electrics from environmental damage and corrosion. Not only this, but the material is safer, more adaptable, and more economical than other electrical cabinet materials.  With the option of wall mounted or floor standing cabinets, polyester

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The 5 Essential Electrical Safety Rules

5 Essential Electrical Safety Rules Electricity plays such an integral and important role in our everyday lives. For this reason, we can often forget the dangers that electricity can impose if not treated with the care and respect that it needs. According to Electrical Safety First, in the UK alone, just shy of 20,000 accidental

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What Are The Benefits Of Steel Electrical Enclosures

What Are The Benefits Of Steel Electrical Enclosures Electrical enclosures are used throughout a number of different industries to protect electrical equipment. They come in a range of different materials such as plastic rubber, and most commonly, metal.  The steel metal electrical cabinet enclosures are the go-to for a majority of companies due to their

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Who’s Set to Lose the Most During Winter Blackouts?

As winter beckons, fears of rolling blackouts grow, due in part to ongoing conflict in Ukraine. With countries no longer able to rely on Russia for gas, industry experts are advocating for energy rationing.  During the 1970s, intermittent blackouts were frequent and caused a myriad of problems for millions of households across the UK. But

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5 Basic Tips to Prevent Thefts From Your Electrical Enclosure

5 Basic Tips to Prevent Thefts From Your Electrical Enclosure An electrical enclosure is essentially a metal or PVC box that encloses your electrical components and prevents anyone and any form of ingress from reaching them. Depending on the size, an electrician will install the enclosure at a building site before the wiring crew installs

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IP67 vs. IP68 Enclosure Ratings​

IP67 vs. IP68 Enclosure Ratings Regardless of whether it is outside or inside a building structure, electrical hardware should always be securely housed. When installing enclosures, ranging from stainless steel cabinets to large double-door kiosks, you need to think about the security and assurance of the electrical hardware (if the enclosure is being fitted in

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