We’re Enclosure Pro – an experienced team of engineers and a leading supplier of electrical enclosures in the UK. Having spent over 20 years in the industry, we know which products provide you with the most effective electronic packaging solutions.

Our range includes both polyester floor standing cabinets and wall-mounted polyester cabinets, which are available in many shapes and sizes, making us certain we have the exact product you’ve been looking for. All our industrial enclosures are made from the highest quality materials and are designed for easy installation, use and maintenance by professionals.


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Polyester electrical enclosures help protect your substation, distribution board or power supply against damage and corrosion from its environment. They have excellent thermal management properties, making them extremely effective for use in hot factories or when exposed to cold outside temperatures.

Although polycarbonates aren’t quite as strong as metals, polyester cabinets have some advantages over stainless steel enclosures. Both our wall-mounting and polyester floor standing cabinets are reinforced with fibreglass, giving them a very high resistance to impact while remaining lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

It’s our job to bear your existing equipment in mind when installing your electrical enclosure. We are very careful that our products integrate seamlessly with any junction boxes, meter boxes, cable glands, din rails you already have in operation.

All the glass fibre reinforced plastics we use are high-quality, halogen-free and recyclable, so you can be sure your products are safe to use.

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We make polyester electrical enclosures specifically for wall mounting, so you don’t have to worry about all the different parts when it comes to installation. Our products come with metal mounting plates and lugs included in the price.


There are 4 versions of our floor-standing cabinets, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose from completely sealed enclosures (PLA version), enclosures with ventilated canopies (PLAT version) enclosures with plinth-type open bottoms (PLAZ version) or enclosures with plinth-type open bottoms and ventilated canopy (PLAZT version).

All floor-standing and wall-mounted polyester cabinets are available with either glazed or plain doors, both with high resistance to mechanical impact. Plain door enclosures have an IK of 10 (20 joules) and glazed door enclosures have an IK of 08 (5 joules), so remember to bear this in mind when ordering.


We stock both stainless steel and mild steel cabinets and encolusres in a variety of sizes and colours. Get a free online quote today or give us a call 020 3663 7866 to speak with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

For peace of mind, we have answered some question that is frequently asked by our customers. If you find you still need to ask a specific question then please feel free to give our team a call!

Polyester cabinets are often found in hotter environments such as factories due to their extremely effective thermal properties. They also boast great protection against corrosion and other environmental damage. Although polycarbonate isn’t as strong as its metal counterpart they are still extremely resistant to impact with a very lightweight frame.

It is possible to paint over polyester however the issues that you will have is that the plastic is a very smooth and tightly knit surface. This means you will need to use a highly adhesive primer. If your unit is in an environment that is prone to corrosion and other damage, then you will more than likely find the paint will chip fairly easily, even with the added primer.

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