5 Basic Tips to Prevent Thefts From Your Electrical Enclosure

An electrical enclosure is essentially a metal or PVC box that encloses your electrical components and prevents anyone and any form of ingress from reaching them. Depending on the size, an electrician will install the enclosure at a building site before the wiring crew installs all of your electrical components and fixtures. The electrical enclosure prevents people from accessing the electrical components for safety and theft purposes.

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t suffer any losses due to theft of your electrical components after your electrician installs an enclosure.

Use Cage-Style Enclosures for Exposed Electrical Wiring

Most electricians use cage-style enclosures for any exposed wiring in your home, including wiring in hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Cages are made of steel and have a metal door that swings open, a lock that can be used to ensure that nobody is going to steal your wiring. The door has a window that allows you to see your wiring from inside the cage.

Use Secure Opening Mechanisms on your Enclosure

Most electrical enclosure makers use locks with latches or levers on their enclosures to ensure security. It is best to choose a lock that has a keyhole and a thin metal strip in order to prevent people from breaking the lock and reaching your wiring. You can even choose an enclosure that comes with a padlock where you can easily remove the padlock when you want to reach the wiring.

Cover up open holes that aren't being used for electrical wiring.

Electrical enclosure makers drill holes in the metal cage in order to provide ventilation for wires and cables inside the electrical enclosure. It’s important for electricians to seal the holes with metal mesh to prevent people from reaching through and stealing your wiring. The mesh covers are available in different sizes depending on the size of your wiring. You can use wire mesh for small holes too, but make sure that the mesh is not too small for wires to pass through easily.

Install Motion-Activated Lights outside the electrical enclosure

Motion-activated lights are another great deterrent against theft, especially if you live in an area where crime is common. The lights will automatically activate when someone approaches your electrical enclosure, and thieves are less likely to risk getting caught by installing motion-activated lights around your home. Contact an electrician today for more help on preventing theft of your electrical components.

5. Choose a suitable location that is Visible from a Distance

You should also ensure that the location of your electrical enclosure is visible to people who pass by, especially if your house is located in a busy area. This often deters individuals who are trying to make a quick grab and dash. However, if your enclosure is in a private area where there is minimal public exposure then fitting a security camera is a great way of avoiding theft.

By following these tips, you can protect your home or office from theft and reduce the risk of having exposed wiring exposed to people who aren’t experienced with working around electrical components. An electrician can also provide additional security for your home and prevent burglars from gaining access to the electrical components in your home.

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